Sunday, December 25, 2022

This Christmas Believe - Jesus is Truly Real

For those of us who believe in Jesus, Christmas is a time of celebration - a time to remember and be so thankful for the great Gift God gave us in the birth of Jesus. It is the reason we hand down the faith - because we want our grandchildren (and children) to believe and receive God's Gift of love.

For us believing Jesus was a real person who was born as a baby, lived a perfect life, died on the cross for us, then three days later rose from the dead is a "given". We celebrate Christmas because we believe. It truly is our "reason for the season".

But, if we have people we love who do not believe, consider approaching who Jesus is from the record of history - outside the Bible. Yes, Jesus was a real, historical person. Yes, there is recorded history of who He is - outside the Bible. If Jesus was a real person - and He is recorded as such, then we have to make a choice. Do we believe who He said He was, or not?

Either Jesus was who He said He was - God Himself, or He was a liar or a truly confused person. History records Him as being a wise teacher - if He were a liar or confused, He would not be recorded as a wise teacher. (Check this excellent link  for information on how history records Jesus.)

History shows Jesus had eye-witnesses to the miracles He did, the things He taught and to His resurrection. (Check this excellent link for information on the truth of Jesus' resurrection.) These eye-witnesses were willing to die for what they believed - this is a powerful piece of evidence.

So, we know, outside the Biblical account, Jesus really lived, died, and rose again. The evidence shows these things. Which leave us - and those we love - with the question - what will you believe? What evidence - outside the Bible - clearly shows us, or will you choose to not believe?

Christmas is all about the most important Gift - the Gift God gives us in Jesus. As long as we - and those we love - are alive, we all have the opportunity to believe and receive God's great Gift which was presented to us in the birth of Jesus. So, share the Gift with confidence - it is why we celebrate Christmas.

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