Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Resurrection Sunday M&M Project!

Resurrection Sunday is just a few days away . . . so, if you are looking for a fun surprise which you can put together for your grandchildren, check this one I found on Pinterest!

All you need are M&M's and a free printable about how M&M's help us remember what Jesus did on Resurrection Sunday - which you will find at this link. The poem goes like this -

As you hold these candies in your hand and turn them you will see,
The "M" becomes a "W", a "3", and then an "E".
 They tell the Easter Adventure, it's one I'm sure you know,
It happened in Jerusalem, a long, long time ago.
The "E" is for Easter Sunday, Christ's Resurrection we celebrate!
His life He gave so we might live; He has a love for us which is so great!
The "M" is for the miracle and sweet gift of eternal life,
By paying for our sins Jesus gives us freedom from strife.
The "W" is for Wonderful Counselor and King,
Messiah, Redeemer, and Savior; His praises we do sing!
The "3" is for the third day when Jesus rose again,
He overcame death so we might live eternally with Him!
So, as you eat these candies and enjoy this special treat,
Remember the true meaning of Easter; a Heavenly gift of love so sweet!
This poem is almost the same as the printable - I changed a few words to make them more understandable for children, so if you want to use this version, feel free to copy and add some clipart to make your own printable! Enjoy!

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