Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Just for Fun!!! More Animal Mom "Facts" - Seahorses, Tiger Sharks, Kangaroos & Giraffes!

Giraffes are born with the mother standing upYesterday I posted some fun animal mom "facts" I found on-line, so today I thought I'd share with you a few more . . . 

  • Male seahorses can actually give birth to offspring. This is impossible for human beings.
  • Tiger sharks can have anywhere from 10 to 80 young in one birthThe largest number of human children who have survived from one birth are the octuplets born on 26 January 2009 - six boys and two girls born to Nadya Suleman (USA)
  • Kangaroos have two wombs. While rare, this does occur in humans -- there have been cases of mothers with two wombs giving birth to triplets.
  • Giraffes are born with the mother standing up, on the lookout for predators. This means a long drop of 5 to 7 feet to the ground -- long enough to break the baby's umbilical cord. Ancient drawings show human women giving birth standing up as well, and contemporary mothers interested in natural birth sometimes opt for this position (though there's always someone there to catch the baby!)
Which of these animal mom "facts" did you find to be the most interesting or surprising? I thought all were interesting, but I'd have to say I'm very, VERY glad I didn't have ten to eighty young in one birth!

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