Monday, May 15, 2023

Children's Day 2023

Children's Day is the second Sunday in June - yes, it is a real holiday . . . not one invented by me. But, if I were able to invent a holiday, it very well may be a day to celebrate the children we love! I truly enjoyed celebrating my children when they were young - we always did something fun for Children's Day. Now I am a grandma, I am so happy to continue to celebrate the children I love . . . my grandsons most definitely approve!

My youngest grandson told me last year about how he asked his friends at school if they celebrated Children's Day. He said none of them had ever heard of it before - and they all wanted to know why nobody had ever told them about it before!

This year, because of a busy family calendar, we will probably celebrate both Children's Day and Father's Day on the same day, but my grandsons are picking the menu. For their gift this year we are taking them to the Lantern Festival at the John Ball Zoo - it will be fun for sure!

If you have a family history of celebrating Children's Day - be sure to do so again this year. If not, 2023 is a great year to begin celebrating the Children you love! And, if you want a fantastic gift for the children you love, consider giving them the Life on the Goldilocks Planet books - they are filled with full-color photos of animals - many of which you may have never heard of before, fun facts, quotes from scientists, Bible verses, and fun activities for the whole family. You will find them at this link.

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