Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Mother's Day Craft Ideas!

 Mother's Day is just five days away . . . if you are looking for an idea or two which you  could help your grandchildren make for their mother, check these fun crafts I found on Pinterest . . . 

  • This link has 14 ideas . . . I especially like the tp tube butterflies . . . they would be so fun to hang by a window! I also like the rose and salt dough hearts - we all have made salt dough before, but adding rose petals is a unique, fun - and I'm sure quite fragrant idea to make them even more special!
  • This link has 15 ideas . . . I especially like the idea for the wind-chimes - it would be fun to hang it in a tree where mom can see and hear it all summer! I also like the hand-print mug!
  • I have one more link with 25 ideas . . . I especially love the magnetic picture clothes pins - how fun and clever!!! I also love the fingerprint heart canvas . . . simple, cute and oh, so sweet!
So, which idea do you like the best? Have fun making special, unique gifts for Mother's Day . . . birthdays . . . to get a start on Christmas gifts, or just for fun! Enjoy!

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