Thursday, May 25, 2023

Summer Fun & Science!

40+ Summer Science Activities for KidsSummer vacation will officially begin for my grandsons on June 3rd. If your grandchildren will be starting their Summer break soon, here are some ideas for, "fun"! Fun can include simple things like going outside to chase bubbles, play five-step-follow-the-leader, and hide and seek! 

Don't forget staples like playdoh, making your own storybooks, and playing board games, too!

Disappearing colors experiment - kids will think it's magic, but grown ups know it's really just science! #handsonlearning #magicalscience || Gift of CuriosityWell, this morning as I browsed on Pinterest I found a link for 40+ Summer Science Activities . . . science projects are always fun - I think the disappearing colors, the diy solar oven, and trying different bubble solutions are must do's for summer fun! When I can combine fun with science, I'll definitely do it. Plus, science projects are a great opportunity to point my grandboys to God, since He is the Creator of all science in the first place!

What are your Summer plans?

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