Monday, August 21, 2023

Granny Square Purse for Grandma!!!

Do you like to crochet? If so, do you have any extra granny squares on hand? If so, you could take them and make a new purse . . . 

This is a purse I made from granny squares . . . it has enough room for my things and it has enough color to brighten a day here in Michigan! It is a really easy purse to make . . . just make some granny squares with leftover yarn - I used six granny squares for this purse - then crochet a liner. I attached the liner to the top of the granny squares and then crocheted some additional rows to make the top part of the purse, added a handle and voila! The purse was finished!

This is a simple enough pattern you could easily use it to help a granddaughter learn to crochet . . . and make a purse for herself, her mom, a friend . . . 

So, what do you think? For whom might you make a purse like this?

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