Sunday, November 12, 2023

Aardvarks, Coelacanths, Colugos & More! - Just Right Christmas Gift for the Children You Love

Each of my posts about the Life on the Goldilocks Planet  books highlights one of the twelve books in the series and shares how they are excellent ideas for Christmas gifts this year! As you have been able to see from my posts, each book has very interesting animals and activities - giving you the opportunity match the book with the child for a gift they will truly enjoy - especially when you combine a book with the supplies needed for all the science projects, crafts, recipes, and games which fill the books. This gift will bring joy to your family as you all learn, explore, experiment, create, and have fun together! If you have children ages four to fourteen you love who who enjoy science projects, craft projects, enjoy cooking activities, games, and learning about amazing animals, then, yes, these books are the right gifts for them!

Over the past few days I have shared seven of the Life on the Goldilocks Planet books with you - today I want to let you know about book ten - Aardvarks, Coelacanths, Colugos & More! - in this book you will find the following animals - Aardvarks, Cuttlefish, Pileated Woodpeckers, Anacondas, Bat-Eared Foxes, Coelacanths, Handfish, Flying Gurnard Fish, Lungless Salamanders, Helmeted Hornbills, Kermode Bears, and Colugos - which of these have you never heard of before?

So, what projects will the children you love be able to enjoy with Aardvarks, Coelacanths, Colugos & More!well, check out this list . . . 

  • Elephant toothpaste
  • Pretzel rods
  • Marble maze
  • Bubble-wrap test
  • Send a hug
  • Games with dad
  • Make a "fossil"
  • Make a jellyfish
  • Puffy glow paint
  • Breathing activity
  • Thank you note
  • Water optical illusion
  • Static comb
Did you know - 
  • Surprisingly, Aardvarks do not chew ants and termites, they swallow them whole. They have a special area of their stomach which grinds the tasty bugs, so they are able to digest them.
  • Cuttlefish are able to make bubbles the size of their own body, which they put in their ink smoke screen to confuse predators. Their hungry neighbors think the bubbles are the Cuttlefish and while they try to catch them, the real Cuttlefish get away.
  •  A Pileated Woodpeckers tongue may measure as long as four inches and has barbs on it to help them catch ants, bugs, and drink sap.
  • Coelacanths (pronounced SEEL-uh-kanth) were thought to be extinct for millions of years, but then people started finding them  a few a time  in the Indian Ocean.
  • Each Freshwater Jellyfish has up to 400 tentacles.
  • One very odd thing about this fish is it communicates with other Flying Gurnard Fish by grunting and growling.
  • When mom Helmeted Hornbills are ready to lay an egg, both parents build a nest inside a hollow tree, then the dad seals the mom inside by filling the opening hole with a special mud  leaving a small hole through which he faithfully feeds her while she incubates the egg and cares for the baby for five months!
In Aardvarks, Coelacanths, Colugos & More! the children you love will be able to learn so many fun, surprising, and interesting things about animals, participate in activities they will never forget, and you will have the opportunity to engage them in important conversations about how these incredible animals help them know God is real! What could be a better gift! 

When you combine Aardvarks, Coelacanths, Colugos & More!and a box of supplies for all the fun, you will find you have a fantastic Christmas gift for the children you love this year. If you live close, you might arrange to get together for the activities and if you live far, connect on-line to engage with them as they enjoy the science projects, art projects, cooking activities, and games - be sure to keep a camera handy or ask their parents to please take photos for you. And be ready for important conversations which will help you hand down confident faith - what could possibly be a better gift?

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