Thursday, October 10, 2019

I Have a Winner

I am happy to say Teresa Maddox is the winner in my you choose book giveaway. (You will find the review at this link.) Thank you Teresa for reading grandma's cookie jar - please email me at by October 15, 2019 so I am able to have Santa's Prayer sent to you.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

I Love You . . . All of the Time, All of the Time

I originally wrote this post four years ago - today I was reminded of it and thought I'd share it with you again . . . it is still all true . . . all of the time!

My grandsons are over - had a sleep-over last night. Caleb went to sleep in my arms and as he was settling down I said, "I love you . . . all of the time!" To which he said; "All of the time!" and I said, "All of the time!"

When I tell the boys I love them - which I do often - I usually follow it up with, "All of the time!" This is the truth. I love them when they are cute, sweet and so much fun to be around! "All of the time!" 

Monday, October 7, 2019

Get Your Free Kindle Copy Today

Today, October 7, 2019 through Friday, October 11, 2019 you are able to get for free the Kindle copy of my new book - The DNA of Grandparents & Parents who Hand Down the Faith. You will find it at this link - please download your free copy and tell the parents and grandparents you know, so they are able to get a copy for free as well.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Two Book Reviews & One Book Giveaway - You Choose!

I recently received two wonderful new books for children from Sterling Children's Books which I and my grandsons reviewed - I am very happy to let you know about them today and announce a fun giveaway - if you win, you will be able to choose one of the two to be yours!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

It is National Homemade Cookie Day!

It is my firm belief most, if not all, of the people who read grandma's cookie jar are people who bake cookies - at least from time to time. So, I thought it would be fun to share a recipe with you for applesauce cookies on Homemade Cookie Day.

I live in Michigan - apple country! We have apples, lots of apples at roadside stands and in the stores, so of course I have apples at home! I found this recipe on-line - consider making a batch for your family.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Get Your Free Kindle Copy of The DNA of Grandparents & Parents who Hand Down the Faith

One week from today on October 7, 2019 you will be able to receive your own Kindle copy of my new book - The DNA of Grandparents & Parents who Hand Down the Faith. In this book I look at what it takes to develop a walk of faith, how to live as someone whose faith is real and ways to reproduce and hand down the faith to the generations who come behind you. I wrote about people from the Bible, people from time and people from today and how they did these things to develop a strong Spiritual DNA. Look at some of the things people are saying about my book!

Friday, September 27, 2019

But God Was Working

In my new book, The DNA of Grandparents & Parents who Hand Down the Faith, which you will be able to download the Kindle copy for free October 7-11, 2019, I am honored to share part of another friend's amazing Faith & Prayer History. 

Ragaee Daniel is from Egypt and he shared how he ended up in an Egyptian jail for being a Christian; when he tried to tell the jailer about Jesus, he was told he would never see the sun again. Ragaee went on to tell how he prayed and God answered with a miracle and freed him from the jail! It is exciting to hear about his powerful faith and prayer history!

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Hand Down the Faith with Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Children

When I was a child I always received books as part of my birthday and Christmas gifts from my parents. When I became a parent, my children always received books as part of their birthday and Christmas gifts from their dad and me. Now I am a grandma and my grandchildren receive a lot of books from their poppa and me. Books make wonderful gifts - any time of the year and for any special time . . . or to make any time special.

So, with Christmas just three months from today (yes, just three months from today) I would like to encourage you to consider purchasing a special book which will help the children you love learn to pray the Psalms and journal their prayers for themselves. This book - Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Children - will help you hand down the faith to the children you love and it will be released in October. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

You are Absolutely Able to Make a Difference

October 7-11, 2019 you will be able to download the Kindle copy of my new book - The DNA of Grandparents & Parents who Hand Down the Faith for free. In this book I look at how just like with our physical DNA which gives us the code we need to develop, live and reproduce, we are able to have a "spiritual DNA" where we develop a faith of our own, live as people of faith and reproduce by handing down the faith. To do this I looked at people from the Bible, people from time and people from today who developed, lived and reproduced a strong Spiritual DNA.

Two of the people from time whose stories I share in my book are Fanny and Eunice Crosby. You are likely familiar with Fanny Crosby - she wrote more than 9000 hymns - yes, more than 9000 - many of which we still sing in our churches today; such as Blessed Assurance and To God be the Glory. Fanny was blind and since her dad died when she was a baby and her mom had to work, she was mostly raised by her grandma, Eunice, who had her memorizing five chapter from the Bible every week - yes, every week! By the time she was fifteen she had memorized the Pentateuch, the Gospels, Proverbs, the Song of Solomon, and many Psalms; there is a reason her hymns were so solid, Biblically. And, stop and think for a moment. Since Fanny was blind, for her to memorize five chapters from the Bible a week, someone had to read those chapters to her. Someone had to spend the time necessary to help her memorize. This someone was her grandma.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Get Your Free Kindle Copy of The DNA of Grandparents & Parents Who Hand Down the Faith

I am so happy to announce the release and the Kindle copy giveaway of my new book - The DNA of Grandparents & Parents Who Hand Down the Faith. In this book I look at how our physical DNA is a truly amazing and essential part of who we are, as it holds the "code" or instructions for the things which make us unique as well as for the things we share. It connects us with the generations who came before us; as well as with those who come behind. It is the core of who we are physically. 

Yes, our physical DNA tells our cells and bodies how to Develop, Live and Reproduce, but let's think for a moment about another type of "DNA". A Spiritual DNA. More specifically, our "Faith and Prayer DNA". What are a, "Faith and Prayer DNA" you ask? Well, just as our physical DNA provides the code for how our bodies develop, live and reproduce, our "Faith and Prayer DNA" gives us the code or instructions which help us learn to develop a strong walk of faith, live as people who believe and reproduce by handing down to our children and our children's children a strong and healthy walk of faith. 

The DNA of Grandparents & Parents Who Hand Down the Faith will introduce you to people from the Bible - including Hannah, David, Jeremiah, Elisha, Jesus, Job, Joseph, the Kings of Judah, the Prodigal Son's Father and our own Heavenly Father, people from time - such as George Muller, Billy Graham, Fanny & Eunice Crosby, Elisabeth Elliot, Joni, Corrie Ten Boom, Martin & Katherine Luther, Charles Spurgeon and Dwigh L. Moody and people from today - including my friends Teresa Holmgren who shared how God answered her prayers for a child and then for a grandchild, Brad Burkhead who shared what it is like when your grown children and grandchildren move to Africa to be missionaries, my friend Ragaee Daniel shared how God saved him from an Egyptian prison, and my friend Janae Dean shared the powerful account of how God gave life back to her son when he was dead; all these accounts show us what it looked like for them to develop this strong and healthy "Faith and Prayer DNA". It also looks at how you are able to hand down the faith to the children you love in a way which will positively impact the generations who come behind you.

Mark your calendars and please, please tell every grandparent and parent you know - October 7-11, 2019 you will be able to get the Kindle copy of my new book - The DNA of Grandparents & Parents Who Hand Down the Faith - for FREE! Look what people are saying - 

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Talk Like a Pirate Day Fun for 2019

Tomorrow, September 19th, is, "Talk Like a Pirate Day" and not only are you able to have fun talking like a pirate, if you dress and talk like a pirate, there are some freebies out there which are available for you to claim. Sounds like a winning combination forrrrrrrrr sure! (Notice my, "pirate 'rrrrrrrrr'!!!")

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Tell the "Whys" - God Makes Sense

I love the Okapi - it is one of the most unique animals God created. It looks from the backside like a strange Zebra, but is actually more closely related to the Giraffe. It does have a long neck and a prehensile tongue, like the Giraffe, but it is a unique creature all its own.

The Okapi is only found in the Democratic Republic of Congo; it lives deep in the rain forest and is so shy, we didn't even know for sure it was a real creature until 1901. Okapi do not live in herds, they are solitary creatures and are considered extremely tasty by its neighbors - the leopard and people from the DRC. 

So, how do we still have any Okapi in the world today? They do something extremely unique - they communicate with infrasonic calls . . . leopards and people are not able to hear these beautiful animals communicate, so the mama Okapi and able to "talk" to their babies in safety.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Just for Fun - Did You Know . . .

It has been a while since I shared some, "Just for Fun" strange, but true, facts, so I thought I'd share a few more with you today!  Did you know . . .

Salted Caramel Lollipops

I thought it would be fun and "Fall-ish" to share with you a tasty recipe for Salted Caramel Lollipops!!! 

The recipe is pretty simple, although it does take some stirring. Just follow this link and you'll find an ingredient list and complete directions. I did have to make a couple corrections . . . when you add the cream and butter to the sugar mixture, you need to bring it back to 300 degrees, not 260 - it makes a HUGE difference. And, you need to continually stir for this final cook time.