Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Grandchild in Focus - Prayer" from the Grandmother's Bible

The Grandmother's BibleIf you've been reading grandma's cookie jar, you have probably noticed how much I love the Grandmother's Bible! I love the year of devotions written to "nourish grandmothers to nurture grandchildren" and I love the many features throughout the Bible, but I particularly love the daily "Grandchild in Focus Prayer" and want to share one with you today. "O Sovereign Lord, the world surrounds my grandchild, pressing in and tempting him in so many ways. Help him set appropriate limits. Give him sound judgement to choose wisely. Guard him from temptation; protect him from physical and mental predators; lead him into paths of righteousness and light. And reassure me with Your promise You are holding him in Your hands. Amen." 

Can you see why I love this part of the Grandmother's Bible?!!! Make this your prayer for your grandchildren today!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful prayer. I think it touches on some great practical wisdom that we can take action on, such as helping our grandchildren to set appropriate limits and make wise choices. I know many grandparents who think it's only their job to make their grandkids happy all the time and never do the unpleasant "parental" work of disciplining, but I think they are missing out on an amazing opportunity to provide their grandkids with the discipline and boundaries it will take to be successful at life. I don't know about other grandparents, but I want to be able to say I was a help and support to the parents in the hard (and often unpleasant) work of disciplining just as much as I want to have a good time with my grandkids.