Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hooray! Caleb is Finally Making His Appearance!!!! :^)

My grandson Josiah spent the night last night and this morning his daddy called to say he and Josiah's mommy were on the way to the hospital . . . Caleb is finally making his appearance!!! This will make grandson number two!

This morning when Josiah - he is almost three years old - prayed for his breakfast - scrambled eggs, pancakes and ham . . . his favorite - he prayed, "Dear God, thank You Caleb is coming out now! Thank You for daddy, mommy, poppa, grandma and Aunt Tiffy! Thank You for my day. Amen!" We talked about how he is now the big brother and he will get to teach Caleb so many things - like how to play with cars and blocks and most importantly how to know and love and talk with God! 

We all have the responsibility and privilege of pointing this new little one to God! There is nothing more important for us to do! 

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