Tuesday, September 27, 2011

About the Children's Department Made Ministry-to-Children's Top 100 Blogs for 2011!

children's ministry blogs top 100I'm honored and thrilled to share today's news with you - my other blog, About the Children's Department - made Ministry-to-Children's Top 100 Children's Ministry Blogs for 2011! THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for reading About the Children's Department! Thank You for sharing this blog with the people you know! Thank you Ministry-to-Children for including About the Children's Department in your Top 100 Blogs for 2011! Check this link for Tony Kummer's post about how he determined the Top 100.

Thank you so much for making About the Children's Department a place you turn to for information, ideas and resources for children's ministry - please share this blog with the people you know! 

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