Thursday, September 1, 2011

crafting with grandma - Another Square for Your Afghan . . . the Half-Double Puffs Block!

If you have been working on the afghan from Blue Ribbon Afghans from America's County Fairs, then I have another square for you today . . . the Half-Double Puffs square . . . after all, Christmas is only three and a half months away!

  • Chain 27
  • Row 1: in 5th ch from hook ** (*yo insert hook into stitch yo and pull up a loop rep from * two more times yo and draw through all seven loops on hook) puff made ch one skip next chain rep from ** across ch three turn (12 puffs)
  • Row 2: work puff in first ch 1 space of previous row ch one work puff and ch one in each ch one space across work puff in turning ch
  • repeat row 2 until square measures approx 9"
As you and your grandchild work on this afghan, talk about what they can do to show their appreciation and love for their parents. Pray with your grandchild for their parents and remind them when they are obedient and loving to their parents, they are really being obedient to and showing their love for God!

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