Thursday, September 1, 2011

crafting with grandma . . . Another Square For Your Afghan - the Exchange Square!

Blue Ribbon Afghans from America's State Fairs: 40 Prize-Winning Crocheted DesignsThere are only seven more squares to complete your afghan project with your grandchildren - today's square is from the book Blue Ribbon Afghans From America's County Fairs and is simple and quick square to make!

  • ch 28 loosely
  • Row 1: sc in second ch from hook and into each ch across
  • Row 2: ch 1 turn sc in first sc * sk next sc sc in next sc working around sc just created sc in sk sc; rep from * across
  • rep row 2 until work measures approx. 9"
As you work on this square with your grandchildren, talk with them about the things which are happening in their lives. Ask them how school is going and about any extra-curricular events they are involved in. Talk with them about church and the things they are learning. Take advantage of this opportunity to spend time with your grandchildren and talk with them about things which really matter!

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