Thursday, September 1, 2011

crafting with grandma . . . Here's A Crunch Square for Your Afghan!

Blue Ribbon Afghans from America's State Fairs: 40 Prize-Winning Crocheted DesignsIf you have been helping your grandchildren learn to crochet by making an afghan for their parents for Christmas, then this square from the book, Blue Ribbon Afghans From America's County Fairs, is one they will enjoy as it is quick and easy and will only leave them needing to make five more squares to finish their project!

  • ch 27 loosely
  • Row 1: sl st loosely in third ch from hook * hadc in next ch sl st loosely in next ch rep from * across
  • Row 2 (right side): ch 2 turn hdc into first sl st slip st loosely into next hdc * hdc into next sl st rep from * across to last st
  • Note: while creating this pattern notice the sl st bends the hdc downward causing a slant. Do not crochet into the slant - crochet into the top two loops of st only.
  • rep row 2 until piece measures approx. 9 inches
As you work on this square with your grandchildren, ask them which square they've made so far is their favorite. Ask them why they chose the colors they chose to make this afghan for their parents. Ask them what their favorite color is and share your favorite color with them. Treasure this opportunity to spend time with your grandchildren - they will likely remember it forever; not only because you taught them to crochet, but because of the opportunities it gave you to talk about things which really matter and for how you were able to show them your love!

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