Monday, September 19, 2011

the Grandmother's Bible - God Delights in His Creation!

If you've been reading grandma's cookie jar, you have probably noticed, I love the Grandmother's Bible! It absolutely does what it says, "Nourishes Grandmothers to Nurture their Grandchildren"!

Today's reading was written by Jan Silvious and focused on Psalm 139:1-12. She said, "It's true that it's all about God, but in the long run, he is all about you. He created you, gave breath to your lungs and sustains your life . . . His love for you is without bounds. His interest in you is intense. . . He created you with purpose and ability . . . He is God. he created you and He absolutely adores His creation. Pass that good news on to your grandchildren. They know you love the, but the greater news is God, Who created them, loves them without limit."

Today is my sweet Josiah's third birthday! Three years of incredible joy! I'm so tremendously thankful for this little boy and for the truth God is all about him! God created him, gave him breath in his lungs and sustains his life! God's love for Josiah is without bounds! His interest in Josiah is intense! He created this little boy with purpose and ability . . . great amounts of ability! God created Josiah and He absolutely adores His creation! I will pass this incredible truth on to this little boy - as will his parents and poppa! He knows I love him and he knows God loves him! I want him to know God's love for him is without limit!

I'm so tremendously thankful for my sweet Josiah - he calls me his "sweet grandma"! I tell him he makes my heart happy! And he does! It is his birthday, and while he certainly will be receiving gifts, he is one of God's most incredible gifts I've ever received!

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