Monday, September 26, 2011

the Grandmother's Bible - Honorary Grandma!

I read a wonderful article in my Grandmother's Bible today . . . all about being "Honorary Grandmas"! Consider the following two ideas for being an "Honorary Grandma" . . . 

  • as mentioned in the Grandmother's Bible - if you know a child whose grandmother lives far away, with this child's parent's permission, get involved in their life! invite them to join you for special activities . . . make cookies together, teach them a new skill or just go to the zoo together! Children can grow and blossom under the special attention a grandma can give, so be generous with this attention and look around you to see if there is a child who needs some "grandma attention" to be "lavished" on them!
  • do you know a lady who never had children of her own, one who does not have grandchildren and/or one whose grandchildren live far away? invite them to become "honorary grandmas" for a child you know who needs this type of grandma-attention! "Matching" children in need of a grandma and ladies who would make wonderful "honorary grandmas" can change both of their lives!
Having a grandma who generously lavishes love and attention on a child changes a child forever! Being an honorary grandma changes ladies forever! This is the kind of "change" we can never get enough of!

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  1. I live in a college town and I participate in a group called Project Generations that connects college students with local senior citizens. I do not have biological grandchildren so this program has been so wonderful for me. I get to be an honorary grandparent and enjoy my honorary grandchild. We do many wonderful things together ... from flying kites to learning to quilt. Most cities have Project Generations groups now.