Monday, September 5, 2011

Help Your Grandchildren Learn to Give to Others with WorldHelp's Christmas for an Orphan!

Most of our grandchildren look forward to spending Christmas with their grandma . . . what could be better than going to grandma's house, having Christmas dinner, Christmas cookies, seeing the Christmas tree with all it's twinkling lights and opening Christmas gifts from grandma? At my house I observe what my husband calls, the "twelve days of Christmas" where from the time the tree goes up - the day after Thanksgiving - until Christmas Day, each time my grandchildren are at my house they are able to select one small gift to open! They of course love this . . . but honestly, not as much as I do! I love giving gifts to others and my grandchildren are at the top of my "I love to give gifts to people list"!

Around the world however; there are children who do not receive even one gift at Christmas. Most importantly, there are children who do not know the reason for Christmas and the most amazing gift they could ever receive . . . Jesus. WorldHelp has been making a difference around the world for 20 years helping children and families in need. They say, "It is our desire to accomplish something each and every day that will outlive us and last for eternity." One of the ways they do this is with Christmas for an OrphanWorldHelp says, "Christmas for an Orphan provides a way for you to say, 'Jesus loves you and so do I...and I would like to pray for you and give you this small gift.' It is a simple gesture that means more to these children than you can possibly imagine."

Your grandchildren are probably like mine; they will not go without gifts at Christmas. They will know all about the reason we give gifts . . . Jesus! Christmas is the perfect time for us to involve our grandchildren in a project to help them learn to give to and care about others with Christmas for an Orphan from WorldHelp! We can help our grandchildren develop a heart for others by involving them in opportunities to show their concern and to "Put Feet to Their Faith" and live what they believe by serving others. Yes, it is a few months before Christmas, but by involving our grandchildren now with this opportunity, they will be able to complete it and send it off so another child has the opportunity to open their gifts this Christmas! What could possibly be a better way for our grandchildren to begin their celebrating of Christmas than with knowing this year, there will be children who will learn about Jesus and who will also have a gift to open because they took the time to show their love to another child! Contact WorldHelp through this link or by calling their 800 number - 1-800-541-6691 - and they will send you free Christmas for an Orphan boxes. Then take your grandchildren shopping to find items to fill their boxes for children in need . . . things like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, band-aids, pencils, crayons, paper, matchbox cars, small dolls, and hard candy along with $5 to cover shipping. Provide opportunities for your grandchildren to earn the money so the gifts are truly from them. Involve your grandchildren in praying for the children who will receive the boxes they send. Pray with them for the WorldHelp staff who will distribute their boxes and who will most importantly, share the Good News of Jesus with children and families around the world!

I will be working with Josiah to fill a box for a little boy . . . he is almost three years old, but he is old enough to understand what it means to help someone else, and he loves to share! I plan to make this a part our our Christmas traditions! I'll be posting all month about Christmas for an Orphan and will keep you informed as Josiah fills his box for Christmas for an Orphan! I'd love to hear from you what you do with your grandchildren, too!

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