Saturday, September 17, 2011

Help Your Grandchildren Make Christmas Memories For Others!

Christmas memories! We all have wonderful Christmas memories from when we were children, when our children were children and are now enjoying all new memories with our grandchildren. It is part of the "wonderfulness" of Christmas! Take some time to talk with your grandchildren and share some of your best memories with them. Ask them what they remember from previous Christmases and then remind them there are children around the world who will have their own Christmas memories because they, and others, are filling boxes with gifts to send for these children. Ask your grandchildren if they have been thinking about the things they want to put in their Christmas for an Orphan boxes and make plans to go shopping with them to get the items they need for their boxes.

Remind them of the most important Gift these children will learn about . . . Jesus and spend some time praying with them for the children who receive their boxes. If you have not ordered your boxes yet, please take a moment to do so and help your grandchildren make Christmas memories for others this year!

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