Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Manners Moment with Maralee McKee and grandma . . . What To Do About The Flu???

header imageIt is the time of year where we all begin to think about the flu, so it is a wonderful time to stop and think about manners as they relate to the flu! I'm so thankful for my friend Maralee, the Manners Mentor . . . she always knows what to do in any situation to help us "discover the manners which matter today: simple, savvy, sincere skills which help you become your best self!" Maralee wrote a post about "Etiquette, You and the Flu: What to Do!" Take a moment to read it and brush up on what to do as we enter another flu season. I especially appreciate Maralee's  "Good, Better and Best" plans for handling sneezes . . . be sure to share these with your grandchildren!

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