Monday, September 12, 2011

"My Imagination Car is Broken!" - grandma's chuckles:^)

First, a little "background information" . . . Josiah will be three next week and his daddy is a mechanic.

Josiah and his family were at our house - they almost always come over for Sunday dinner :^) - and he "zoomed" up to me and said, "I'm a race car!" I asked him what color his race car was and he said it was orange - no big surprise as it is one of his favorite colors. Then he told me, "My car is broken. It needs to be fixed." I told him he better go see his dad if he was a broken car, so he "zoomed" over to his dad and said, "My imagination car is broken! It needs to be fixed! It has a hood and an engine." and then he raised his shirt to show his "engine"! His daddy laughed and started asking questions to "diagnose" his car problems. Daddy asked if Josiah's car had problems starting or if the problem was keeping his car going after it started and Josiah said the problems were after it started, so Daddy said it might be spark plugs - of course he "replaced" the spark plugs!

Then we heard, "Zoom, zo-zo-zo . . . my car is still broken!" Daddy laughed and said it might be another part - he said what the part was, but since I'm not a car person, I don't know what the part is. Daddy "replaced" the "broken" part with a new one and we heard, "Zoom, zoom, Zoooooom!" and Josiah the race car zoomed around the table. Then he said, "My steering wheel is broken!" so of course, Daddy helped "repair" Josiah the race car! Then our little race car, zoomed away into the hall, only to return saying he had an accident! Daddy helped give Josiah the car new bumpers and fenders and off he zoomed again. 

This went on for awhile - all the while Daddy, Momma, Poppa and I were laughing! Then Josiah the car "drove" to me and said, "My car is broken again. This time you can fix it grandma!" to which daddy said, "Now we are really talking about an 'imagination car'!" I told Josiah I "fixed" cars with hugs and asked if he thought a hug would fix his car - he said "yes" and I happily hugged him!

Grandchildren are truly a gift from the hand of God . . . and my little Josiah is a complete delight for whom I'm tremendously thankful! Be sure to write down all the delightful things your grandchildren say so you will always be able to remember them!

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