Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Sweetpea Square . . . crafting with grandma!

Christmas is only three months away, so if you've been working on this afghan with your grandchildren, you're almost finished! I especially like the Sweetpea Square from the book, Blue Ribbon Afghans from America's State Fairs - this square goes together quickly and adds a nice look to the completed afghan!

Directions -

    Blue Ribbon Afghans from America's State Fairs: 40 Prize-Winning Crocheted Designs
  • ch 28 loosely
  • Row 1: dc in fourth ch from hook * sk next 2 chs 5 dc in next ch (5-dc group) sk next 2 chs dc in next 2 chs (2-dc group) rep from * across to last 3 chs sk next 2 chs 3 dc in last ch
  • Row 2: ch 3 turn dc in sp between first 2 dc * 5 dc in sp between second and third dc of next 5 dc group and in next sp (between third and fourth dc) rep from * across to last 4 sts 3 dc in sp between last dc and turning ch
  • rep row 2 until square measures approx. 9 inches
As you work on this square with your grandchildren lead them in praying for their parents . . . it is a wonderful habit for your grandchildren to take time to pray for the people they make things for!

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