Wednesday, October 19, 2011

American Girl Doll Give-Away! The Specifics For How to Enter . . .

As you know, I'm giving away an American Girl Doll  . . . these are the details for how you can have entries in this drawing . . .  
  • The first thing you can do to enter this drawing is to "like" my blog, grandma's cookie jar. You do this by looking on the right side of this page . . . you'll see a "box" with photos of some of the people who have "liked" this blog. It says, "Find us on Facebook". In this box, above the photos you'll see a "like" button - click on this button. You have one entry! (If you have already done this, you have one entry in the drawing)
  • The second thing you can do to have additional entries in this drawing is to "share" my posts. There are two ways to do this. If you look at the bottom of this post you'll see the words, "Posted by Lynda Freeman" and below this you'll see little squares - one with an "M", one with the blogspot "B", a "t" for twitter and a "f" for facebook. "Click" on the "f" to share the post to facebook. It is this simple! I post at least twice each day . . . when I post an article, I also put it on the facebook page for grandma's cookie jar; this is the other way you will be able to "share" the post. On the facebook page you'll see a link to the post and at the bottom of each post you'll see the words, "like, comment, share". If you "click" on the word "share" you'll have another entry in my drawing. You are welcome to "share" each daily post - whether it is a post about the doll give-away or not.
  • The drawing will be on December 1st!
  • I'm giving away one of the new American Girl Dolls - Marie-Grace!
I hope this isn't too confusing, but if you find it is, just message me and I'll try to explain further, but basically you receive entries in the drawing by first of all "liking" the blog and then by "sharing" daily posts!


  1. Done and done! Liked your page and shared on FB. Thanks for the chance to win this doll. My daughter LOVES AG's, and has read nearly all the books. But the dolls are so expensive, we haven't bought her one yet. She just finished reading the new series with Marie-Grace and Cecile, and she would LOVE to have the doll!! Thanks!

  2. liked and shared! Thanks for the opportunity to in such a great prize!

  3. I liked your Facebook page

    pixiedustedhomeschool at yahoo dot com

  4. Liked and shared this post. Thank you!

  5. I hope I have been sharing the right way, So I have been entered in the drawing for American Girl Marie-Grace. Could you let know if am not. would love to win for granddaughter. Thank You.