Monday, October 24, 2011

American Girl Doll Give-Aways! I'm Giving Two Away . . . How Can You Win One???

As you know, if you've been reading grandma's cookie jar, I'm giving away two American Girl Dolls! I'm giving away a Marie-Grace doll and a Kanani doll, so . . . what do you have to do to enter these drawings??? There seems to be a little confusion on the specifics for getting entries in my drawings, so let's see if I can do a better job at explaining this time!

First, if you "like" grandma's cookie jar using the tab in the "find us on facebook" box ON THE BLOG, you'll receive one entry in each drawing. You only need to do this one time. The "like  "box" looks like this . . . 

The second thing you can do to get entries is to "share" my posts. There are two ways to do this and you are welcome to "share" each post I write between now and the drawing dates - November 20th for the Kanani doll and December 1st for the Marie-Grace doll - and each time you share, you will receive an additional entry in the drawings. The "share" tabs look like this - on facebook . . .  ·  ·  · 20 hours ago and on the blog . . . 

(use the one with the "facebook" "f") And, for the Kanani doll, please tell me who you will give the doll to if you win - do you know a little girl who otherwise would not be able to have an American Girl doll?

I hope this helps! :^)


  1. I liked as Sabrina L
    I would give the dolly to the people living next door, they have an amazing little girl Li, they just came to Canada not very long ago and she's been bullied alot because of her race, and she knows almost no english so it must be very hard for her at school. I know that dollies always help me out when I am down so if I win, I would give the doll to Li. She deserves it and she would have a new firend so that she wont feel alone and would be more happy:)

  2. If I won Kanani, my daughters and I would definitely give her to our family friend, Caele. Caele adores American Girl Doll catalogs and she gets our recycled America Girl Doll magazine after my youngest looks through it. Caele's family are missionaries to several countries and she has already spent a month in Burma teaching Sunday school at the age of 8 years old. Caele assists me in the classroom at our church all of the time- always coming up with new rhymes for Scripture. She doesn't complain about not owning an AGD, but she certainly dreams about it :)

  3. What a wonderful giveaway! My daughter is presently obsessed with American Girl dolls. She's wishing very hard for one for Christmas. This might help make that possible! ;)

    Silly question, though, how do you know which person signed up for which prize when we're liking and sharing via FB?

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  4. My daughter LOVES everything American Girl. She got her first (and only) last year. They are much too expensive to buy more than one. She loves her doll though. She would love to have another, or one to share with her best friend!