Thursday, October 13, 2011

crafting with grandma . . . Pine Cone Birdfeeder!

It is Fall and if you live where there are trees such as I do - in West Michigan - the outdoors is ablaze with color! I used to think Dr. Seuss had an amazing imagination . . . which of course he did . . . but he often pictured very colorful trees in his books. However, if you look around Michigan in the Spring and Fall, you most certainly will see an abundance of very colorful trees all around! Maybe Dr. Seuss lived in West Michigan!

On your next sunny day, take your grandchildren for a walk to enjoy the amazing colors of Fall! Talk with your grandchildren about how God created the trees and spend time thanking and praising Him for giving us trees. As you walk, talk about which trees they think are the most beautiful and collect a few leaves. Be on the look out for Pine trees and look for some "open" pine cones - collect these as well!

When you get back home, set out the "treasures" you found and add a few simple supplies to make pine cone birdfeeders . . . 

  • open pine cones
  • shortening and peanutbutter - crunchy is best
  • oats, bird seed, dried fruit, nuts, sunflower seeds  
  • string
Directions -
  • tie a couple feet of string to your pinecone - wrap it around and bring the string out on top to make a hanger
  • mix shortening and peanutbutter then spread on the pine cone - be generous and get it in the "tines" of the pine cone
  • spread the oats, seeds, dried fruit and nuts on waxed paper and roll the pine cone so it is well coated in these items
  • hang your birdfeeder on a tree outside where you can see it from your window - be sure to make an extra so your grandchildren can take one home
Talk with your grandchildren about the birds God made and if you can, find a bird book and look up which birds live in your area . . . keep the book handy so you are able to identify the birds as they come to your birdfeeder!

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