Saturday, October 22, 2011

grandma's movie review - Percy Jackson & the Olympians - the Lightening Thief

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
Rated PG - for action violence and peril,
some scary images and suggestive material
and mild language

  • Favorite Features -
    • well told story presented with non-stop action and adventure
    • interesting characters
    • well-done special effects add to the story
    This movie has important messages and lessons for grandparents and parents to talk about with their children - for example, in the movie Luke says, "All gods are the same - selfish. They only care about themselves." This is true about gods created by man because men's gods reflect themselves and men can be selfish and only care about themselves. On the "boat" to "Hades" the character says, "All lives end in suffering and tragedy." This also is true; apart from men receiving God amazing grace and forgiveness! Poseidon tells Percy, "Becoming a human is a bad thing . . . if you are a god." Of course Jesus is God and He became a man, but this was an amazingly wonderful expression of God's complete unselfish love! It was through Jesus' unselfish act of becoming a man that God's grace and forgiveness became available for all humans! We are now able to spend eternity in Heaven with our completely unselfish God! As I said, this movie presents a number of very important messages and lessons for us to talk about with our grandchildren! Children, teens and adults will enjoy this movie!

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