Saturday, October 8, 2011

grandma's movie reviews - MonteCarlo

Monte Carlo
October 18th the movie Monte Carlo releases to blu-ray and DVD. Fox sent me a copy to review and I'm happy to share this review with you.

Fox has this to say about the movie, "Bon Voyage! Take a journey across the ocean with a trio of friends who make front page headlines when a dream trip turns into a hilarious case of mistaken identity. MONTE CARLO will take you on a fanciful ride through the picturesque sights of Europe - with three charming girls in tow! 

Actress and pop sensation Selena Gomez (Ramona and Beezus, “Wizards of Waverly Place”) lights up the screen as Grace, a high-spirited high school graduate looking forward to a vacation in Paris with her best friend Emma (Katie Cassidy, “Melrose Place”), and stepsister Meg (Leighton Meester, “Gossip Girl”). Just as the girls think their trip is ruined when their hyperactive tour guide leaves them behind, Grace is mistaken for a wealthy socialite and the trio is whisked away to Monte Carlo for a thrilling week of glitz, glam, and unforgettable fun."

I found the movie tells a fun story and gives grandparents and parents quite a few things to talk about with their children -

  • in the story Grace and Meg are step-sisters and at the beginning, they do not particularly care for each other or get along, but by the end of the movie they learn to care about and love each other - talk about how we can get along with others and show love, even if we think we have nothing in common
  • ask your grandchildren about the choices Grace, Emma and Meg made when they realized others thought Grace was someone else. Ask them if they would have pretended to be someone they were not and what it means to be people who are fully committed to telling the truth.
  • in this movie it is pretty clear Meg chooses to travel and stay with a man she just met, obviously there are moral issues here. In the movie the message is Meg finally chose to leave her sadness behind her over the death of her mother and chose to "start living". While in real life it would be true she needed to find a way to move forward with her life, living with someone she wasn't married to certainly isn't how I'd want my child or grandchild to "move on". Talk with your grandchildren about the choices Meg made and point them to God's Word as the standard by which we make our choices in life.
This movie is rated PG and because of the choices Meg makes, I wouldn't recommend it for young children. If you watch this movie with your teen grandchildren, be ready to talk about the situations/issues this movie presents.

Other than the part at the end with Meg, I found it to be a good movie. I think they could have totally left out the part about Meg meeting a guy and going off with him - it wasn't necessary for the movie. However; I liked the rest of the story and how it showed the girls standing up and taking responsibility for their choices in the end and telling the truth. It makes a statement about what will really make us happy - being rich and doing whatever we want and treating others poorly, or choosing to help others with the resources and time we have. MonteCalro gives you an opportunity to have some important conversations with your grandchildren!

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