Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm Giving Away Some Yarn - And It's Time to Finish Your Afghan!

Hooray! You and your grandchild have stuck with it and have crocheted 25 squares . . . it is time to assemble and finish your afghan! 

Select a color - one which coordinates with your squares for your border and join yarn with right side facing in any corner - ch 1 * make 3 sc in corner, work 29 sc evenly spaced across to next corner, rep from * 3 times more, join with sl st to first sc. Row 2: (crochet in back loops only) ch 1 sc in same st * 3 sc in next sc (corner) sc in next 31 sc rep from * 3 times more join with sl st to first sc finish off. Do this for each square.

Lay out your squares - the dining room table is a good place to do this as you will be able to get a good idea of what the finished afghan will look like. I like to decide which order I want the colors to be and then lay them out beginning in the second space so my last color actually becomes the first color of my afghan - see the photo of the afghan I made for my grandson - you will have rows of squares, but the colors will make diagonal lines as well.

Once you determine what each row looks like, you will be making vertical strips of five blocks - hold wrong sides together and whip-stitch into the back loops only of squares so you have five strips of five squares each strip. Lay your strips in the order you want them to be for your afghan and then with wrong sides together whip-stitch into the back loops only to attach your strips together to make your afghan.

Using another color of yarn, crochet around project with sc - three stitches in each corner - repeat three times. Using leftover yarn, crochet around entire project eight more times - three stitches in each corner - eight more time - last two rows should match the color you originally used on your border around the entire project. Finish off with a row of reverse sc and fasten off, weave in your ends.

If you'd like to add a heart - as you can see on my afghan for my grandson - this is the pattern -

  • Row 1: (right side) ch 2, 3 sc in second ch from hook: 3sc
  • Row 2: ch 1 turn 2 sc in first sc sc in next sc 2 sc in last sc: 5 sc
  • Row 3: ch 1 turn sc in each sc across
  • Row 4 (increase row) ch 1 turn 2 sc in first sc sc in each sc across to last sc 2 sc in last sc: 7 sc
  • Rows 5-9: rep rows 3 and 4 twice then rep row 3 once more: 11 sc
  • sew to any spot you like on your afghan!
Your afghan is completed! Congratulations! Help your grandchild wrap the afghan and when you put up your tree, place it under the tree - your grandchild's parents will be so surprised . . . I'm sure the will treasure this gift from their child!

I'm delighted for this opportunity to give away some yarn! Bernat Yarn company sent me a huge box of yarn for me to review and so I would be able to give some of it away to you! I love the colors, texture and softness of Bernat yarn - they have such a wide variety of yarns and a wealth of free patterns on-line! I'm going to give away some Bernat Pipsqueak yarn! If you have "liked" grandma's cookie jar using the tab in the "find us on facebook" box ON THE BLOG, then you are entered in my drawing - which will be on October 13th! If you have not "liked" this blog yet, please take a moment to do so and you will be entered in the give-away . . . it is this simple! Please share grandma's cookie jar with the people you know!

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