Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sesame Street "B" is for Baking

Sesame Street "B" is for Baking Sesame Street "B" is for Baking
Publisher - Wiley
Ages  - 2+
Favorite Features -
  • Includes 50 recipes with steps children are able to help with
  • information on "kids in the kitchen" to help parents and grandparents understand how children of different ages can really help in the kitchen
  • info on safe baking, tips and techniques, baking how-to's, substitutions and decorating tips
  • recipes for breakfast, quick breads and biscuits, main dishes and sides, puddings and pies, cookies and bars and celebration cupcakes and cakes
  • each recipe includes a photo of the finished dish, ingredients, equipment and steps to prepare each recipe along with prep/baking times and number of people it will serve
  • illustrations and photos of Sesame Street friends throughout add to the fun
  • children are encouraged to count, identify shapes, colors and engaged in other learning activities as well
Most little children are fans of Sesame Street and most little children enjoy helping . . . especially when it comes to baking! So, it only seems logical the combination of Sesame Street and a baking cookbook is one which should be an excellent combination . . . and it is! This is a great and fun first cookbook for children - with recipes even children as young as two can help with! Use this book to involve your grandchildren in baking and . . . enjoy!

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