Sunday, November 20, 2011

American Girl Marie-Grace Doll Give-away!

Just a little while ago I had the drawing for the American Girl Kanani doll - Kelly Moran won this doll :^) - but, on December 1st I'm also giving away one American Girl Marie - Grace doll! So . . . how can you get in on this give-away??? First of all, you need to "like" my blog, grandma's cookie jar by using the tab in the "find us on facebook" box ON THE BLOG. If you do this one time, then you are entered in my drawing!

In addition, if you "share" any of my daily posts, you will receive an additional entry for each post you share - please let me know when you share so I'm sure to give you each entry you should have. So . . . how do you "share"? If you look on the facebook page for grandma's cookie jar you will see this -  ·  ·   - at the bottom of each post . . . "click" on the word, "share". This is all there is to it! :^)

I truly enjoy writing grandma's cookie jar, I absolutely love being able to give things away and I most sincerely appreciate it when you share my blog with the people you know!


  1. I've been sharing tons of your posts, including this one! I'm Eelyak Noslen on FB.
    I love reading your posts, especially the ones about your crochet projects.
    Congrats to the winner of the Kanani doll, I know there will be a very happy little girl for Christmas at their house.

  2. What an awesome thing to giveaway! My stepdaughters are crazy over American Girl dolls!

  3. Such a great gift for a little girl. Thanks! Shared!

  4. I like on FB.

    And I shared.

    I've got 3 daughters. 2 have AG dolls, and the youngest is dying for one!

  5. Shared this post on Twitter, would love this for my liile girl!

  6. I like you and I shared on FB. Thanks!