Tuesday, November 22, 2011

grandma's bookshelf - Christmas in the Mouse House

Christmas in the Mouse House  
By - Maggie Kneen
Publisher - Templar/Candlewick
Ages - 3+

Favorite Features -

  • pop-ups and lift the flaps add to the fun
  • colorful illustrations
  • story encourages working together, being creative and having fun
I absolutely could have done without the spider in this book, however, my three year old grandson completely loved this book! He had to find and lift every flap - more than once! The pop-ups are lovely and there is an abundance of "flaps" to lift on each page - adding to the fun of this book! Aside from the spider, this book is an absolute delight! 

As you enjoy it with your grandchildren, share with them stories of how you celebrated Christmas when you were a child . . . what did you do to decorate your tree? Did you make ornaments? What did your favorite ornament look like? What were your Christmas traditions . . . do you still carry those traditions on today? Books like this are a fun way for you to connect with your grandchildren and pass on some of your traditions!


  1. I just love "lift the flap" books! I'm curious about your spider comment. Is that because you don't like spiders in general or was the spider particularly scary? Thank you for the review!!

  2. Hello Roberta,

    I strongly dislike spiders, and it was a rather big and unpleasant spider!!!! I used it as a "teaching moment" and asked my grandson, "what do we do when we see a spider?" and of course the answer is, "we squash it!!!!" :^)