Monday, January 9, 2012

"As Far as the East is From the West" . . . "Remembering No More"

I love The Grandmother's Bible . . . not only is it a complete NIV Bible, but it is filled with one year of daily devotions written by grandmas for grandmas! Today I read a devotional by Doris Wynbeek Rikkers . . . "Remembering No More". In it she lamented her "senior moments" when she forgets something . . . I can certainly relate to this! (Along with getting older, MS "brain freeze" certainly adds to those moments of forgetting) Doris said, "It's human to forget. But something happens and suddenly we are reminded - of a past hurt, of an injustice, of a crushing blow or of a terrible sin in our lives. We can forget for awhile, but then we drag it out of our memory bank. Now we remember. God, on the other hand, doesn't just forget about our indiscretions, our atrocious thoughts, our vile deeds. He remembers them no more. Have you thought about that? God doesn't just forget something, only to be reminded of it again when we commit the same sin He remembers it no more. It never, never crosses His mind again!"

Aren't you so glad for God's choice to remember no more?!!! I sure am! As we experience God's amazing grace, let's commit anew to show, to the best of our human ability, this same grace with those in our lives. Let's be grandmas who remember no more. Let's teach our grandchildren to be people who choose to remember no more by word and more importantly, by the deeds we model to them!

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