Wednesday, January 11, 2012

crafting with grandma . . . Blizzard Day Fun - a Snowman!

Well . . . even though I live in Michigan, it is January 11th and we have no snow on the ground! It has been a wonderful winter so far! But, alas, as I mentioned, I do live in Michigan, so a snow-less winter is just not possible. The weather people are saying a storm is on it's way, so . . . I guess it is time to think about a craft you can make, and enjoy, on a snowy, blizzardy day! (One you can enjoy even if you happen to live where you do not get snow, too!)

I spent sometime browsing on Pinterest this morning and found the perfect blizzard day craft . . . a Hot Cocoa Snowman! What could be more perfect for a blizzard?!!! The link took me to the blog, "For What It's Worth . . . or Not" and to the directions for making your own snowman filled with all the necessities for an enjoyable mug of hot cocoa! This little snowman would be great fun to make with your grandchildren on a snowy, blizzardy day . . . make one for them to take home, one for them to give to a neighbor who needs a warm spot to brighten their day and one to keep at grandma's house . . . after all, what could be better than enjoying a mug of warm cocoa at grandma's on a snowy day? Have fun and as you make these snowmen with your grandchildren, be sure to spend time praying for the people you are giving them to!

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