Saturday, January 21, 2012

crafting with grandma - Heart Dish!

HeartDish6 300x300 Heart Dish From Magazine Pages
I enjoy browsing from time to time on Pinterest - you never know what you will find! Today I found the pattern for a heart dish made from magazine pages! This fun craft is one you can make with your grandchildren  - not only will they end up with a wonderful dish, but they will help you recycle that stack of magazines you don't really want to throw away, but do not really have any use for any longer! If you follow the link above you'll find a photo tutorial for making these fun heart dishes . . . if you make one, I'd love to see a photo!

As you work on this craft with your grandchildren, talk with them about how as you continue to add strips, your dish "grows" - which is similar to love. Our love grows for one another as we pray for each other, and spend time with each other and give of ourselves to others . . . those "layers" of love just grow bigger and bigger!

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  1. Came across a huge stack of magazines yesterday, so we just end up making some heart dishes.
    I shared