Tuesday, May 15, 2012

grandma's bookshelf - Hop, Skip & Jump, Maisy!

My grandson Josiah is three years old and he loves "Maisy" books! Why wouldn't he? "Maisy" books have parts which move and are so much fun! So, when Candlewick Press had a new Maisy book for me to review, I happily said, "Yes!"

Hop, Skip, and Jump, Maisy!  
By - Lucy Cousins
Publisher - Candlewick Press
Ages 2-5

Favorite Features -
  • book has seven fun pages with pull tabs to really get Maisy "moving"!
  • story encourages children to get up and move - hop, skip and jump - along with Maisy!
  • Sturdy book and pages should hold up to preschooler's use
  • each page shows animals which move like Maisy - encourages children to identify animals!
Children and adults will enjoy this book - the movement adds lots of fun! This Maisy book is no ordinary book! As you read it with your grandchildren, talk with them about how God created their bodies to move in so many different ways! Encoourage them to show you how they can hop, skip and jump right along with Maisy and lead them in thanking God for creating their bodies so they could move in so many ways! Enjoy!

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