Monday, June 25, 2012

Children's Museum Tour . . . I'll Be Looking For Volunteers . . .

I'm working on arranging a "Children's Museum Tour" and give-away and will need volunteers to help! I've been contacting children's museums from all across the USA and basically it will work as follows . . . 

  • when I receive tickets from a museum, I'll post the name of the museum and the city where it is located. The first reader who lets me know they are willing to volunteer to visit with their grandchildren/children and then write me just a brief account of their visit - and maybe send me a photo I could include - will receive free tickets/passes to go and do this!
  • Then, in August, I'll be giving away additional tickets to the children's museums volunteers visited! (I'll post each give-away by the state/location of each children's museum)
It should be a lot of fun and will help to serve as a way to let you all know about the wonderful children's museums across this country and the great things you can do at them with your grandchildren! So please stay tuned . . . I'll be needing volunteers . . . :-)

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