Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Do You Plan a Special "Event" for Your Grandchildren/Children?

I recently had the opportunity to talk with a grandma who reads grandma's cookie jar and she shared a special event she puts on each summer for her grandchildren - it sounded so cool! It got me to thinking and wondering . . . how many grandmas - or grandpas, moms or dads - do something similar? Are you a grandma - or grandpa, mom or dad - who does something special for your grandchildren/children over the summer? Do you plan a special "boot-camp", camping trip, water extravaganza, wild and wacky games day, service project or something else which is an opportunity for your grandchildren - and other children - to spend time with you and build relationships and memories? If so, please share what you do by commenting below and then from July 10, 2012 to September 10, 2012 we will take votes to see which idea grandma's cookie jar's readers think is the one they might like to try with their own grandchildren/children! I, of course, will put together a prize package for the one who receives the most votes, so . . . if you have something special which you do, then please do the following . . . 

  • comment below to share the basics of what your event involves
  • please message me on facebook with your email so I can contact you to get the specifics for a post about your event - this will provide a place for people to "vote" by "liking", "commenting" and "sharing" the post about your event
I will be posting throughout July and August about these ideas . . . and to let you all know what I'll be including in the "prize package"!

So . . . what do you do with your grandchildren/children to help them learn something new, build their relationship with you and others and just create those wonderful memories they will treasure all their lives? Please share!


  1. My sis-in-law and I have done, for the past three years, what we call Advent Angels, with our three oldest granddaughters (now 6, 7, & 8). We invited them right before Christmas for the day (but the last two years we've had sleepovers!) to do crafts, a birthday party for Jesus, read books, watch a movie, and frost cookies. With (now) nine grandkids between us, we had to expand our thinking.....so this summer, we're introducing CAMP GRAM and we're including the Grandpas. We're adding two 3-year-old grandsons to the three girls, and having five little ones for two days and one night -- Camp Gram. We'll make bird houses and bird feeders and decorate garden stepping stones. We'll have s'mores by the fire pit. We'll have stories and movies. We've made 'indoor tents' for each child, and will line them up (they've been asked to bring a sleeping bag and pillow) in the family room when it's "Lights Out". We'll feed (and catch) the fish in our lake. We'll make hobo supper (each one choosing pre-cooked meat chunks and prepped vegetables to put into their own aluminum foil pouch to be put on the grill). For breakfast, it's omelets in a baggie (each one choosing prepped veggies and/or pre-cooked meat to put into a baggie with one or two eggs, then to SQUISH it before dropping it into boiling water to cook). We're going on a 'field trip' to a nearby game preserve, taking a hike, going on a scavenger hunt w/binoculars and magnifying glasses, and having a picnic lunch before the 'finale' -- a potluck BBQ to which we're inviting the parents and younger siblings. We'll swim, fish, boat, cook s'mores, etc. with everyone before we send them all to their own homes, and collapse -- four tired grandparents -- at the conclusion of yet another GRAND TIME with our GRAND KIDS! We love it!

  2. What a wonderful way to build memories with your grandchildren - they are sure to remember these special times forever! Sounds like great fun! Thank you for sharing! :-)