Monday, June 4, 2012

Focus - Depend on & Trust God - For Your Grandchildren!

As I wrote about yesterday, I'm focusing this month on Depending on and Trusting God. As I said, "We can not give to others what we do not have for ourselves. If we are not growing spiritually, we will not be equipped to help our grandchildren/children grow spiritually. Sometimes it is easy - too easy - to focus on the "things" we need to do every day and lose sight of the thing we really need to be focused on . . . knowing and walking with Jesus." I posted a personalized Scripture prayer from Psalm 86 for us to focus on this month which encourages us to depend on and trust God. 

So . . . what are some of the things which we need to depend on and trust God for? Well, we each have to answer this in regards to our personal lives as we are all facing and dealing with our own unique situations, but when it comes to our grandchildren, let's think this week about depending on and trusting God for the most important thing . . . for them to make the decision to turn to Jesus for forgiveness and to know, love and walk with Him everyday in their every day lives. There is absolutely NOTHING more important than this. My grandsons are very young - Josiah is three and Caleb is almost one, so for them, they are at the point where they need to come to an understanding of Who Jesus is, what He did for them and why they need to turn to Him for forgiveness. I make a point of trying to be aware of everyday conversations and how I can help them make the "connections" between what is happening in their lives to Who Jesus is, what He did and why they need Him. I also have to be so careful . . . I don't want to push them to say a prayer they aren't ready for as this has to be something which happens by the prompting of God's Spirit, not by grandma. So this is where the depending on God and trusting Him comes in. It is my prayer, every day, Josiah and Caleb will come to know, love and walk with Jesus every day of their everyday lives. They hear me pray for this and I often tell them it is the most important thing! At this point, this grandma is depending on and trusting God to prompt these boys to make this decision! (You can be absolutely sure not only will there be rejoicing in Heaven by the angels when they do, but this grandma will be majorly rejoicing here on Earth, too! Which brings up a question . . . Is it possible for an angel to rejoice more than a grandma?) :^)

As you focus this month on depending on and trusting God, remember to depend on and trust Him for the most important decision your grandchildren will ever make! Depend on and trust God, "I thank and praise You for how You so willingly forgive me and find comfort and strength in knowing Your love is always there for those who pray to You . . . I will be one of those who pray to You!" God will answer this prayer - for you!

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