Wednesday, June 6, 2012

grandma's cookbook - Father's Day Chocolate-Toffee Ice Cream Squares!

Chocolate-Toffee Ice Cream Squares Recipe
I was looking on Pinterest for a recipe dads in particular, might enjoy and found this one . . . Chocolate-Toffee Ice Cream Squares! Now this, most certainly, sounds like a Father's Day recipe to me! After all, what isn't there to enjoy? Chocolate!!! Toffee!!!! Ice Cream!!!! All on a cookie crust!!!!

Follow this link for the recipe - it is easy and one which you could definitely involve your grandchildren in making for their dads! As you make this with your grandchildren talk with them about some of their best memories with their dad. Ask them what they most enjoy doing with their dad and be sure to lead them in praying to thank God for their dad. 

Have fun making this recipe and . . . enjoy!

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