Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Join In the Fun!

 Yesterday I posted an invitation to share what you do with your grandchildren/children to create memories and connect in special ways with them . . . thank you Lori for sharing your "Grandma's Boot Camp"! It sounds like great fun!

So, what do you do as something special which your grandchildren/children look forward to? Do you go to the zoo each year and have a picnic in the park for lunch? Do you help your grandchildren put together a "bistro" for their parents so they are able to give their parents a special anniversary dinner? Do you have a wacky water games day? Do you have a special outing, meal, activity? What do you do? 

Please share it with us by July 10th and then from July 11th - September 10th we can all vote for the idea we would most like to try with our own grandchildren/children - the person who shared the winning idea will receive a special prize package! This prize package will have things for your grandchildren/children and things for you, too! One thing which will be in this prize package is the new VeggieTales movie - the Penniless Princess - which releases in August. (Please be watching for my review - I LOVE this new Veggie story!)

At any rate, I'm putting together a fun prize package, but the best "prize" of all is one we all will receive . . . great ideas for things we can do with our grandchildren/children! So . . . please join in the fun and tell us what you do with your grandchildren/children to create those special memories!

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