Saturday, June 30, 2012

Join in the Fun!

This has been a busy week! So many fun things are in the works for those of you who read grandma's cookie jar! So . . . to recap . . . 

I'm holding a "grandma contest"! I just need you to share about something you do with your grandchildren to create memories and build relationships with them. So far I've had three ladies share what they do . . . there is time for you to share, too! Please share what you do by July 10, 2012. Then, I'll post about each grandma and what they do and between July 10 and September 10 you can "vote" for the grandma/idea you like best! The winning grandma/idea will receive a prize package . . . so far, the package includes a MOGO Paige charmband with charms, three Princess Parables books (I reviewed the first one today on my other blog, About the Children's Department - and I'm giving one away!) and this is only the beginning! There will be things for grandchildren and things for grandma in this prize package, so please be sure to share what you do so you can be in the contest!

PicturePlus, I'm arranging a "Children's Museum Tour"! I need volunteers from cities around the country to visit their children's museum and then tell me about the museum. I will provide free passes for you to go, and take your grandchildren (four free passes) so you can review it for me. Then the month of August I'll be writing about these children's museums and giving away more free passes to them! I need a volunteer from Sacramento, California, Passadena, CA, Erie, PA and Bettendorf, IA - I'll be posting more cities tomorrow! If you live in, near or are planning a trip to any of these cities, please comment below so I can contact you to arrange to get your free passes to you!

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