Friday, June 1, 2012

Kick Off Summer with an Awesome Children's Day Gift!

As I've been saying, Children's Day is June 10th, so if you are looking for something amazing you could give to your grandchildren, check this idea I found on Pinterest for a Backyard Ball Run! I LOVE this idea . . . it is one you could use for all your grandchildren to share and enjoy together! Give them each a small package of special items to drop through the ball run and the pieces and involve them in setting it up on your fence - or their own fence at home! What FUN!!! This is a gift your grandchildren - and their parents and you too, can enjoy all summer long! :^)

So - if you make a backyard ball run for your grandchildren, what type of items would you include for them to drop through their ball run? I think for Josiah I'd definitely include small cars and balls of different sizes! I love the ideas for adding water to the ball run, so I'd certainly include a small bucket so he can put water through it! :^)

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