Saturday, June 9, 2012

These Memories are a Treasure . . .

There are many things people in the world consider to be "treasure" . . . gold, money, jewels, etc. But for me, I treasure people and memories! I consider the people in my life to be gifts from the hand of God . . . especially my family! My grandsons spent the night last night and I was talking with Josiah about how he is a treasure to me; a gift from the hand of God. He has heard this at least a time or two :^) so he said, "I know! I'm your treasure!" I want him and Caleb to grow up knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt their grandma treasures them!

So, please allow me to share a few "gems" from last night and this morning with you! Josiah is three years old - will be four in September, so he told me his name is "Josiah Lee Freeman" I said I knew this and he said, "But you only called me 'Josiah'. You should call me, 'Josiah Lee Freeman'!" I did this, but forgot one time and only called him "Josiah". He said, "My name is 'Josiah Lee Freeman', grandma!"

Caleb is almost one year old . . . walking if he holds on to things and getting into all kinds of things! When he wanted to play last night, he got Poppa in his sights and took off to climb on him and play. However; when he was getting sleepy and wanted to snuggle, he stopped, looked around, saw me and "made tracks" to get to me! This grandma LOVES to snuggle and is so glad Caleb knows this! :^)

Well, these may seem like small things to others, but they are "gems", "treasure without measure" to me!

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