Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Truths and Rumors" from Tudor Times

On September 1, 2012 I'm giving away one Matilda, A Girl for All Time Doll, so since this is a brand new doll here in the United States - from England - I thought I'd share a little more information about it with you today!

One of the fun features of these unique dolls is how they introduce girls from today to girls who lived in another time . . . and in our case, in another country. One way they do this is to share interesting little facts - Truths and Rumors. One such fact from Matilda's time is, "Ladies-in-Waiting at the court of Henry VIII had to sit under the table at important banquets to help the queen pee into a bowl under her massive dress, ‘cos she wasn’t allowed to leave the table. This was one of Matilda’s first jobs when she arrived at court."

As you can see, as girls read the books which go with the Girl for All Time Dolls, they will find out things they - and probably most other people they know - didn't know!

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