Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Volunteer Needed!! Chicago Children's Museum!

Navy Pier EntranceAs I mentioned yesterday, I'm working on a "Children's Museum Tour" and will need volunteers around the country to help out! The first children's museum which I need a volunteer for is the Chicago Children's Museum! If you live in, near or are planning a trip to Chicago and are willing to do the following, please let me know . . . 
  • visit the museum with your grandchildren/children before the end of July
  • email me a brief "review" - just a couple sentences about your experience, what you liked best, what your grandchildren/children thought about it and if you'd go back
  • possibly send me a photo which I could post with your "review"
Child going through net tunnel
You will receive passes to go to the children's museum - you will have to pay for parking.

The month of August I'll be sharing the "reviews" and will also be holding drawings for tickets to these museums in my "Children's Museum Tour Give-Away!" It should be a lot of fun, so if you are willing to volunteer to visit the Chicago Children's Museum, please let me know by commenting below - watch for me to respond so we can get in touch to work out the details! The first person I am able to connect with, will receive the free tickets to go as my volunteer "reviewer"!

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