Monday, July 2, 2012

crafting with grandma - Flag Handprints!

Quick & Easy July 4th Activities (source of image @Krissy (B-InspiredMama) Bonning)The 4th of July is just two days away, so if you thought maybe it was too late to plan a special craft you could make with your grandchildren, take a look at this great idea I found on Pinterest . . . flag hand-prints!

Just follow the link and you'll see all you need is red, white and blue paint, hands and something to put the handprint on! I think if you added some textile medium it would be a fun way to make special 4th of July t-shirts, hats, aprons, etc or grab a big canvas and make lots of "flag" hand-prints for a picture you could frame and treasure for years to come! What might you put your grandchildren's flag hand-prints on?

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