Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Good News . . . & the Not-So-Good News

Yes, the good news is in just the past two weeks grandma's cookie jar has gone from 500 "likes" on facebook to 755 "likes" on facebook (as of this morning when I wrote this post)! THANK YOU to everyone who reads grandma's cookie jar and THANK YOU to everyone who has "liked" this blog using the button in the "find us on facebook" box on the blog!

Now, for the not-so-good news. Apparently facebook will only show me a little more than 500 of the people who have "liked" grandma's cookie jar. The problem with this is when someone wins something from one of my give-aways, I go to my "liked" on facebook box and message them to let them know they've won. Since I can no longer find everyone this way, I really need you all to take a moment and "follow GCJ by email". Please look on the right side of the page and you will see the ministry I'm focusing on for the month, an ad for kidz Connection, a link to Amazon, information on advertising on grandma's cookie jar, the "find us on facebook" box and right below this a space where is says, "follow GCJ by email" with room for you to enter your email. Please do this. You will receive a daily email with my posts in it and I will ONLY use your email to contact you if you win a prize on my blog. I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT share your email with ANYONE for ANY purpose.  Thank you!

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