Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Grandma "Contest" - Lori Layne - Grandma's Bootcamp

I'm holding a little "contest" and invited you all to share what you do to build your relationship with your grandchildren/children, create memories and establish traditions . . . five of you shared what you do, so from now until August 11, 2012 at 7:01 AM you can vote for the idea you like the best; the one you might like to try with your own grandchildren/children. The winner will receive a prize package, so please check these ideas and vote in the area on the right side of the page!

Lori Layne shared her idea for "Grandma's Boot Camp"! She said, "This will be our third year at Grandma's Boot Camp where we teach and play in all sorts of areas! The first year we did Scripture memorization, cooked, made chefs hats and aprons, recipe cards and pictures which went home on the last day. We learned Hula dancing and music. We thanked veterans and had our own Olympics with medals. We also watched VeggieTales each day with a morning snack and a Disney movie each night with ice cream sundaes! This year we are having a Christian music video, each child will make a volcano which erupts, bird seed ornaments and homemade bubble wands. We are having outside movies, an obstacle course in the yard, basement tents and other goodies to bring God, science, reading and math together in a fun way along with physical exercise. We have a pool and trampoline as well as a pile of sand which the kids - of all ages - love! We also have the library coming to us as we have 18 signed up to join in the fun! This is my way of planing seeds and showing love!" 

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