Tuesday, July 17, 2012

grandma's bookshelf - Peter Pan Pop-Up Book

This book is part of my prize package for the "grandma contest" for which the polls are currently open - please vote if you have not already done so! I love pop-up books! They add so much "fun" to any book, so when you combine a classic story with pop-ups and sound, well, you have a book which is sure to be enjoyed!

Peter Pan
Authors - J. M> Barrie & Paul Hess
Design & Paper Engineering - Andy Mansfield
Publisher - Silver Dolphin
Ages 4+

Favorite Features -
  • classic story of Peter Pan
  • book has five pop-ups - the last one is of the pirate ship and is wonderful!
  • sounds added so as you turn pages and find pop-ups you hear sounds which "fit" with the pop-up and place in the story where you are!
This is a book which is sure to be a favorite, so snuggle up with your grandchildren and enjoy the story of Peter Pan, complete with pop-ups and sounds! Be sure to talk with your grandchildren about the choices Captain Hook, Peter and Tinkerbell made. Ask them about the consequences these characters experienced when they were angry or jealous and encourage them to make the good choice to be happy with those who are happy as the Bible teaches us in Romans 12:15.

As I mentioned, this book is one of the prizes in the prize package I've put together for the winner of my "grandma contest". If you have not already voted for the idea you like the best, please take a moment to do so - just check this link! You'll find a description of the five ideas grandmas/moms have submitted for this contest and you'll find the poll at the top of the column on the right. Please "click" the dot by the idea you like the best and the "click" the "vote" button.


  1. I certainly hope I can win the drawing! I've been collecting pop up books to make a library to read to my first Grandson due in September!

  2. William - this book is not a give-away, it is part of the prize package for the winner in my "grandma contest" which people can vote for in the poll on the blog. The grandma - or mom - who wins, will receive a prize package and this book is part of the prize package. I will however, be giving pop-up books away from time to time!