Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Outdoor Fun!

Doesn't this look fun?
As I browsed on Pinterest the other day, I noticed the plans for making a giant outdoor game . . . so I took a closer look! This game looks like it would be great fun for a family to play on a warm summer day! Set it up on a deck, driveway, sidewalk . . . and then have fun all summer long!

Just follow the link for complete directions and get ready for what is sure to be your grandchildren's favorite thing they did at grandma's house this summer! Encourage them to be creative as you all think of the things you want as the challenges to complete in each "space" . . . of course, pull your "rank" as grandma and be sure one space says, "rest for a turn and let grandma hug and kiss you!" A MUST-HAVE, of course! I'm looking forward to a summer a few years from now when Josiah and Caleb are old enough to play this game! Enjoy! :^)

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